1. Firecracker color!


    • There are many poincianas on the island, and they range from red to orange (there is a rare yellow form too).


  2. oh, this red, this fiery red!!!

    are you trying to cure me of my current longing for white? 🙂


    • There are no cures for your ailments. Thank goodness.


  3. The flamboyant flame tree that is native to Madagascar, Prospero you are so fortunate to live where you can grow these magnificient plants of all kinds. This is a tree that is resplendent in its flowering glory.

    Of course- I do not want to pretend that I knew about your tree. I went to Sir Google to find all the info about this abolutely fascinating tree. It is hardy in zones 10-12 here in the states and sadly I am in zone 7 or 8. Did you plant your tree or are there many growing on the island? A very nice photograph..


    • Yvonne, I grew this tree from a tiny sapling purchased at a local nursery. Most of my plants are seed grown, but this one was not. I do have a yellow flowering variety, which I started from seed, but it’s still in a pot.

      The poinciana, or flame of the forest, or Delonix regia (for the botanically minded) is a legume. It produces seeds in two foot long ‘bean’ pods. The seeds need to be scarified (i.e. file down the hard outer seed coat with a file or sandpaper, then soak in warm water for a day. Plant in warm conditions).


      • Thanks for the reply. I thought perhaps the tree is your own. If I thought that I could grow the tree it would probably need to be grown in a very large container and moved to a sheltered spot to protect from a hard freeze. But I doubt that the tree would thrive if left in a pot for too long. And it certainly would not get very large with a stunted root system.

        I’ll just daydream about it. The tree is so beautiful.


      • I jusr saw your reply to someone re:a miniature version of this one. I will investigagte to see if I actually could find a potted one at the nursery.


  4. Yeah! Yeah! This is red. The strongest effect of it. A wonderful flower as well as the snap.


    • You must have these trees where you live. Is that right?


  5. Woah! What a beauty. I googled this and found out these flowers are on a pretty big tree! Like it’s on fire almost. I’d love to have all my senses be absorbed by this…


  6. Hello Stickup–nice to hear from you; i was getting a little worried! i hope things are okay with you.

    Yes, it is a big tree (45 feet tall and very wide too). But, there is a relative in the legume family called Caesalpinia pulcherrima that is a miniature version of the poinciana. In fact it can be grown indoors in a pot, and the flowers are very similar.


  7. I wish those trees grew here…


    • Highly impractical, I know, but you could try moving to Madagascar.


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