Adenium obesum






Jatropha podagrica

(pictured is Jatropha podagrica–which, when correctly prepared, can kill a man)
(another obsession in the making)

In case you were asleep and missed these well-kept secrets, here they are…

Cat and Mouse


My Breakfast

A Familiar Story

Old Flames


Old Flames

Aloe excelsa

Aloe excelsa DSC_8053 sm

Retiro Station


banana DSC_3238_agfs_sm



Prospero Dae

Kind of Blue

Lollipop flower

About the flower

Pachystachys lutea or Lollipop Flower set against the cornflower blue of the endless sea or, alternatively, the surreal sky, which may be considered the perfect backdrop for modern cinematographic adaptations of Macbeth (or other plays aggrandized by the gimmicky inclusion of slow-motion battle scenes, such as Long Day’s Journey into Night).

About the story

Kind of Blue is the name of a Miles Davis album. ‘Free airline miles’ is a play on the jazz legend’s name. There is also a tune on the album alliteratively called Freddie Freeloader, which is coincidentally the name of the story’s protagonist. None of this has anything to do with the story, naturally, but since this is an educational blog I felt compelled to make these disclosures.


Adenium flower

I know many of you think I’m a rising star in the hopelessly crowded field of wannabe writers, mostly because you’ve been inured to the suggestion by my constant I’m-an-unrecognized-genius refrain.

And yet the proof is in the proverbial pudding (and oh how I love crème brûlée), as the folks at, through some clerical error, are publishing a story of mine. But now that I think of it, can being a New York Times Best Seller be far behind? 101 words today, 100,001 tomorrow. It’s a mathematical certainty (for the genius-in-waiting).

Just so you know, it’s a story told (lavishly) in 101 words. Impossible? Practically, given my average sentence is longer than a stretch limousine.

Please leave your comment on ‘Double’ at 101word because it’s the right thing to do.

But more importantly, you are supporting the folks at 101 who are in turn supporting writers (some of whom are potentially geniuses, but I repeat myself).

And while you’re there, read a few stories, heck sign up!

The story is called Double and you can find it here:

Prospero Dae

(Pictured on top is the vainglorious Adenium obesum, with doppelgänger.)



hidden in the tropics


Melianthus major

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