Ariel’s movie debut

Video stars Ariel as a boisterous shoe aficionado. Music written and performed by her kindly master.

Ariel has been on the island for three weeks (blissful weeks, from my point of view–but probably from hers too). She is adjusting nicely, but she has her moments… such as chewing the electrical wires under my desk, digging up the soil around any and all houseplants, chewing shoes, shredding knitted goods, etc.

And I’m loving it!

Insurance claim #1 from Duke of Milan on Vimeo.


  1. So precious. She is, just a puppy, that never got to be a puupy at her former home. Prospero, I loved the video which was way to brief. Next one, can you make it longer or post some more- soon? She is so beautiful. And holy Toledo, she is giving your cast off shoe a “fit.” I think that shoes are some of the best toys for dogs. There is the scent of the master and the shoe seems to have a texture that dogs like.

    I could not open your post yesterday even though the notification was in email and also in my reader. When I clicked on the post notification your site opened up and then it said,” sorry but the information that you are looking for is not here.” I tried multiple times and it just was not to be. I could not make a comment or click a like.

    Anyway, thank you for the video. It was most enjoyable.


    • Well, I’m not sure how much play she would have had with humans in her former life. I have noticed that the more confidence she gets, the more she wants to play ( we frequently play tug of war now–and this would have been impossible two weeks ago). But (and keep in mind that i’m heavily biased) I agree–she is such a pretty little thing!

      I’ll try to post more videos, but I think they’ll be short–mainly because papillons don’t stay at one thing for too long!

      Well, I tried to embed the video and worpress just made it disappear (I’ll do all the magic acts around here, if you please). So I trashed the post and reposted it with a Vimeo embed.


      • Well the nerve of WordPress. I thought it must have something to do with this silly thing that has way too may hangups for my liking.

        I am so glad that Ariel is coming out of her shell. I imagine that it makes you feel really good that you chose her as your dog. You are giving her so much that was lacking in her former life.


  2. oooh

    i don’t know what to do, laugh, jump in excitement, clap my hands, say oooh loud and long, melt with delight – all of this, at the same time?!!!!!!!

    (how i miss your videos)


    • All at the same time could prove difficult. Try them one at a time and remember to take a deep, fulsome breath before commencing the next manifestation of reverential enchantment.

      (how she misses my opaque yet irreverent commentary)


  3. Awesome!!


    • Thank you, r.v.


  4. Got to love her new-found energy! Speaks loudly for her new master, I think she is beginning to feel right at home – she trusts you. Loved the video!


    • Yes, she trusts me enough now to start destroying the place!

      (but realistically, how much damage can an interminably cute four pound butterfly dog do?)


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