Then a farmer with a griseous beard, fashionably grayed by successive crop failures, leaned against a gunny sack, looked askance at the busy market goers, and fell into an expressionless reverie, whereupon he visited his landlord, a wispy eidolon with a musty temper, and extolled the extraordinary value his livery cycle would bring to any barter.


Le langage des fleurs et des choses muettes

the madding teens

Adolescence lasts till age two and a half–that means seven more months of the terrible teens for Ariel!

(substitute angelic for terrible in Ariel’s case)

The warm, buttery air…


The warm, buttery air; the sky made of aventurine; the farrago of oleander and hibiscus; the rollicking yellow of a kiskadee, as raucous as its song; the grand costumery of a field of blossoming but wayward weeds–all these waves of color lashed my senses, and, unable to stand the now formidable sun, I sought the scarlet shade of a royal poinciana tree, whereupon an anole, resting on a severed black bole, flashed its orange-gold dewlap and bobbed in a curious staccato.

Introducing Ariel, spirit of the air.

Ariel, a two year old butterfly dog, arrived on the island last Thursday. She is seen napping–doubtless because of all the excitement (mostly mine!). This is her new home.

Hast thou, spirit, Perform’d to point the tempest that I bade thee? (this too may explain the tiredness!)

baseless fabric

Three sisters (a Chekhovian phantasm )