Prospero Dae

Red Jaboticaba

Jaboticaba hybrid

You live by the sea and you like to eat jaboticaba (who doesn’t). So you go to the hardware store (with limitless floors, like a Borgesian library) and you get the seeds. You’re in luck as they’re on sale. As soon as you get home, you speak to the bailiff. He tells you there’s a jaboticaba cross that sets fruit in four years. Mine, he contends, will take at least 10 years to bear its delectable navy blue plums. You thank him for the information, and then, in a controlled rage, tell him to get the hell off your property. He laughs, you kick him in the groin, he cries (carefully modeled after the infamously great apotheosis of comma spicedom: I came, I saw, I conquered).

You go back to the hardware store and look up the hybrid the storm-tossed fellow was touting. You find it on the millionth floor (or thereabouts), exchange the seed, and get lost on the way out. In fact, you never get out.

But this is how the plant would look if you had, in a drunken stupor, planted the seeds, by the fulminating sea.

(Posted under “the Mysteries of Fiction, or why an infallible narrator can still get himself suspended from school.”)

Kind of Blue

Lollipop flower

About the flower

Pachystachys lutea or Lollipop Flower set against the cornflower blue of the endless sea or, alternatively, the surreal sky, which may be considered the perfect backdrop for modern cinematographic adaptations of Macbeth (or other plays aggrandized by the gimmicky inclusion of slow-motion battle scenes, such as Long Day’s Journey into Night).

About the story

Kind of Blue is the name of a Miles Davis album. ‘Free airline miles’ is a play on the jazz legend’s name. There is also a tune on the album alliteratively called Freddie Freeloader, which is coincidentally the name of the story’s protagonist. None of this has anything to do with the story, naturally, but since this is an educational blog I felt compelled to make these disclosures.

Canine Bomb Squad


Ariel’s Prance




Faint lines on pregnancy tests, useless condoms (oh-so cleverly euphemized), claustrophobic worry: all of which could add up to fainting, but that would be another story.

Judge for yourself-