Juniperus bermudiana

Their shy faces, abacinated by wonder.


Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp aurantiaca


Aizoaceae is one of my favorite families (next to my own, of course). Fenestraria rhopalophylla is native to southern Africa (Namibia and Namaqualand).

The seeds are tiny specs of dust. How inconvenient! Yes, but they make up for this contumacious habit by germinating quickly, usually within three to four days. The trick is to sow them when the days are short and night time temperatures are above freezing. Autumn is the best time for this on Devil’s Island.

The window-like tips are a means for the plant to gather light. If this feature were implemented on humans, it would be a window on the soul.

under the rose


The expression ‘under the rose’ means that a discussion is meant to be private. The rose has long been a symbol of secrecy.


About growing up.