An Island Moment


Adenium obesum, Bermuda

Dear viewer,

Whenever I post something without much text (as opposed to posting something having long, characteristically brilliant swatches of text ), I get comparatively more views–a message not altogether lost on me; consequently, you will not be hearing about how or why this beautiful flower, of Saudi Arabian origin, is overtaking the island and making it unbearably wondrous.

With tingling sincerity,





  1. Why am I not surprised that something from Saudi Arabia should wish to take over the island? I find with my postings that my favourite ones are the ones less liked. The ones I post “just to rid my head of them” seem to draw gasps of admiration. You flower looks like a cross between and apple and a pelargonium.

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    • When King Abdullah visited me some time ago, he learned of my appallingly bad WordPress performance; consequently he gave me these curious elongated seeds and said I should plant them. I think that’s what he said as I do not speak Najdi Arabic. Presumably, once in bloom the glorious adenium would send my WordPress numbers through the roof, so to speak. Obviously the proverbial roof has a few shingles missing as my numbers continue to plummet and my lavender loveseat suffers intermittent water damage.


      • Indeed! Your flame-red adenium could be seen as Prometheon, and send your fans through the ceiling obscenium. (I might add that I spent quite a bit of time on this response).

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      • Yes, and I appreciate every bit of it. Now if I could just figure out what to do about that loveseat.

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  2. The wetting of the loveseat is a problem. Have you thought of seeing a urologist?

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    • No, but would do it for the sheer joy of suing for medical malpractice. I know of no better way to spend time than to be involved in protracted legal arguments involving rivulets and faulty laboratory equipment.

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      • My last urological visitation involved a doctor, several nurses and a miniature camera. Quite frankly, these things are not what they’re made out to be.

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      • Doctors, nurses, a camera, urology…have you been co-starring in a Stormy Daniels movie?

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      • I don’t CO-star.

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      • My bad. Should have read the contract more carefully.

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  3. Your inconstancy is your most beguiling quality. (I did not spend any time on this response.)

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    • I work hard at inconstancy. In fact, from the moment I turn on my oxygen tank in the early morning to the moment I slip into a delicious coma, I work at being inconstant which is, by the way, a completely different matter than being incontinent, even though they sound alike (see discussion with Bruce.).

      I spent some time on this response as it is my chance to showcase some of that brilliant texty stuff that I have become convinced nobody reads. Thankfully, there are some worthy exceptions.

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