Fiction explained

Fiction explained. Pilot episode.



  1. From this I gather there is no explanation. Novelty for novelty’s sake? Encounters with chick-lit and badgers? The badger, a symbol of persistence, telling us the 99% theory? The reader/view is all? All of the above or none of the above. In moments like this I wish Cynthia was here to run with your post and guide us all into the mind of Prospero.

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    • The fertile mind is an untidy place.

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  2. I thought the habanera that started to play in the concluding few seconds added a touch of class to the entire proceedings. All in all, I found the video compelling and propelled me even more to say only non-facetious things in the comments. Bravo! Loved the dog. As for Samuel Beckett, I have nothing to add other than Eugene Ionesco.

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    • Bruce, after having surveyed in one long afternoon the whole of literature, including the occasional bits of obscene text carved into the dank walls of our ancestor’s caves (which are regrettably part of the written record), it became apparent that I had to somehow limit the material for the sake of cogency, and so in that spirit I decided to exclude any writer, brilliant or otherwise, with the forename of Eugene. I trust you approve of my methodology.

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      • Well, Eugene Ionesco did write to me (personally) (before his death). They are my most precious envelopes (this is a true story): The address always read – “Bruce Goodman Hastings” and each time was hand-written on it from the Post Office in Hastings, England – “Try New Zealand”. I think I received all letters sent! In support of your methodology – I tried to sell one of the letters on the market of famous people and was informed that no one would have ever heard of him. It was a long day’s journey into night.

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      • I think Eugene Ionesco wrote to everyone. Last I heard he was in Catalonia, employed as a lion tamer (some sort of apprenticeship program, if memory serves).

        By the way, there is an O’Neil-Bermuda connection (I think he may have invented the rum swizzle).

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      • I hope this latest hurricane, Irma, is not heading for you – in which case a rum-swizzling lion-tamer from Catalonia might come in handy.

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      • Luckily we are at letter ‘I’ and well past hurricane Eugene, which, had it sputtered near one of our lighthouses, would have been a doozy (or floozy, depending upon one’s assessment of such things–and how one feels about American spelling). Incidentally, Ionesco’s heirs continue to write, exhorting me to join the circus. Heard from them lately?

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      • I hear from one of Ionesco’s heirs every day! Strictly speaking he’s not an Absurdist (I think) because he takes positive conclusions out of life’s morass of stupidities. I much prefer him to Beckett. I thought you’d joined the circus years ago.

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  3. I just remembered you live in Bermuda, right? Just wanted to check in to see if your are okay. I hope you are safe. My thoughts are with you.


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