Fright in the depths of a burgeoning kakistocracy


Eerily, while taking my tripos paper at the University of Lake Erie, I was mistily reminded of an incident which happened to a colleague of mine whilst trying to commit hari-kari with a mint-flavored toothpick. Naturally, he was unable to draw a single gout of blood, but the experience was, in his words, transformative, so much so that it leapfrogged the sum-total of the miasmic flashpoints in his nearly pointless life, till, sadly to report, on a day of obnoxiously pristine clarity, he was hit by a city bus, broke several latin-sounding bones, dented the bus’ fine armature, and died agape of fright, starting in motion the cloak and dagger machinations of competing insurance companies and several legal challenges, proving once again that Lady Luck, that star-eyed trollop (sorry Anthony, not a Trollopean allusion) beclad in a tantalizingly tawdry tunic, still roams around, picking flowers willy-nilly from unguarded gardens or hopscotching through city traffic.






  1. I observe that this excellent transformative contribution is brought to us largely by the letter T. I’m sure that if one counted the number of Ts used and divided them into the total number of letters used, then the percentage of Ts would be higher than in the average literary contribution from lesser people. Incidentally, I would rather be hit by a bus than encounter the star-eyed strumpet trollop.

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    • I respectfully disagree; that tunic is terrifying* (in the Rilkean sense):

      For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror
      which we are barely able to endure

      * three in a tight row

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      • To my disgrace I don’t know the poetry of RenĂ© Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke – but shall pursue it. At present, a quick google informs me that if he was born a few days later we’d share the same birthday. Three in a tight row almost sounds like rugby talk…

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      • Since we are not a rugby nation, I defer to your assessment.

        Incidentally, I’m also good with the letter N, as in nictating gnats (the ‘g’ in gnats obviously silent).

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  2. A masterful show of the sweeping, extended sentence dear Wiz! I’m so pleased to see you (no dodgy fruit involved, which wouldn’t make sense anyway unless they were raisins sellotaped on, and I’m pretty sure that’s not good look). I’m sad to hear of the fate of your poor colleague mind you, I’ll give Lady Luck a piece of my mind next time she saunters up to the Cloud, arm in arm with Lady Serendipity (thick as thieves they are, and never share their boiled sweets I’ve noted).

    – esme giving Prospero a tight hug upon the Cloud

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    • Lady Serendipity, with thin arms and batting eyelashes, on the cloud! Please detain her.

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      • Well I don’t know about that. Esme should be the most popular gal on the Cloud – *bundles Lady Serendipity into the coal shuttle after stuffing a packet of jammy dodgers in her mous and locks the door*.
        *coughs* – Er, no, haven’t seen her Wiz, not at all, but I’ll let you know should she pop over. Course I will.

        – esme having none of that upon the Cloud

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      • Even though they warrant no respect, play nice with my fictitious creations, especially the ones with brimful eyes.

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      • *moons at him then pegs it* – e.u.t.C

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  3. good day to you Prospero
    well good reminder to pray for bad luck or stop paying for insurance.
    (seriously though, I have stopped paying for insurance.)
    thanks for the smiles. have an awesome day.


  4. AND death is a good transformation also so it doesnt disrupt with the
    continuity.of transformations


  5. I’ve entered a ‘101 Words’ effort for the next chunk. I was encouraged by a friend, despite several protestations (from my very good self),because I have difficulty keeping anything that’s just a comment below 101 words, let alone an actual story that (presumably) should have a pithy ending. Or any ending at all that doesn’t include the words -“Hahahaha, have a sticky bun, – esme”.

    I started at 139. It was torturous to get to 130. Let alone the rest. I got there, eventually, and fully expect to be disallowed for the use of the word ‘knickers’.

    – esme of Cloud fame who has been inspired by her Prospero Wiz and his 101 incredible ability and shall try not to lose all plots if they don’t publish her (massive, yet short) effort.


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