Sun, greenish sprigs, a puppy

Meanwhile, Ariel ponders the universe.




  1. So much in the universe to ponder…for example, who really ate the homework?

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  2. Goood day to you Prospero

    .I resent you bloggers(said in an affectionate tone) who tear into my heart and lead me to feel that I love dogs.
    although when I am off line I respect and sometimes admire dogs and I wish them well but they have their universe and I have mine.and if I view a dog that is too big I will glady cross the street to avoid their path.
    ps those must be pig tails. too cute. stop tearing into my heart please.
    as far as the novel goes I will request a copy upon completion!

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    • Ariel is a good watch dog. If burglars were to break into my house (a Gothic castle, with catacombs and so on), they would soon be lying supine on the cold castle floor (castle floors are always cold), laughing so profusely that their bellies would ache, at which time I would call the police, who would pick these miscreants up from the floor and throw them into a van, never to be heard of again.

      Now, would you be afraid of a plush-toy puppy like that?

      I’ll let you know when the novel is done and when I win a Pulitzer for it–hopefully all within a year!

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  3. Now. Where are you? Are you alright? I must ask, I’ve held back but I simply must.

    Someone read of my bemoaning the loss of Matty, and they dragged him back in a wheelbarrow drunk. So he’s back and now you have gone. Have you ever been seen in the same room? That’s what I want to know!

    – esme missing the best Wizard there is upon the Cloud


  4. Happy New Year2017 Prospero.*****************************************!I wish you many magical pathways in 2017 illuminated and transformed by stardust.Since you are a magician this will happen at your command and therefore I am not too concerned with the plausibility of this happening.Prospero will spin the spheres at your command so you are good to go for 2017.
    It was fun meeting up with you on the cuff of 2017.I have been blogging for years and I am always looking for interactive comedy blogs but they are difficult to find. YOu have introduced me to a couple of friends that have many links to comedy blogs and that is awesome now all I need is a bit of time but the couple that I have met were jewel blogs.
    I had just a couple of interactions with Cynthia Jobin.YEs it was only a couple of first time cyber connections but it was extraordinay and when I heard of her passing I was shocked and saddened
    peace and love and joy to you Prospero.Cynthia would like that.

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