Thank you, Nicole. I had such a wonderful time cleaning up after you, you with your penchant for drama, your deluded self-image, your inimitable flair for disorder, which can only be matched by your bent-headed arrogance, your total lack of manners (etiquette not being part of your vocabulary, limited though it may be), your lowbrow ways–bordering dangerously on salaciousness, and your annoying habit of caterwauling at my door, like a stray, intent on wheedling her way into the relative calm of my private sanctuary.


Nicole passes through my colocasia garden, leaving in her hateful wake twisted metal and laying waste to a perfectly good and colorful collection of foulards.


This is what Nicole thinks of pineapples (la vieille folle).


Nicole hates bananas and I hate Nicole.


Aside from having a distaste for bananas, Nicole does not care for papaya.


Nicole, this may be what your hair looks like in the morn, but this contagion is an outrage?


Your black heart has blackened my pear tree’s once green leaves.


Was this necessary?


You couldn’t burn the figs up like the leaves? For shame.

Inca peanut.JPG

The Inca peanut vine was too lush for your taste?



  1. My sympathy… indeed, an ill wind blows no good…

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    • Ariel enjoyed it though. And with the generator I was able to run her hydraulic fracking experiments, keep her training equipment going, steam up the private doggie sauna, and make reverse osmosis water.

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  2. What a god-awful mess she left in her wake. But you, with your long experience of tempests, survive, while Nicole has not only ceased but is, in the bargain, deceased. Teach her to fool with your foulards!

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    • Such is the way with uninvited guests and grand collections of foulards.

      Well, good luck to Nicole, who is now but a few molecules of water and feeling quite powerless. A tempest no more.

      Tropical storm Otto Preminger is said to be forming however. I’ve already posted my ‘no room in the inn’ signs. Let’s hope Otto can read.

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      • The prognosticators don’t seem to be as exercised about Otto as they were about Nicole. I do hope he stays away from your door. Don’t know about the efficacy of your signs, though; Otto has been a palindrome all his life, and may therefore be dyslexic.

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      • ‘On moor ni het nni,’ in case poor Otto suffers from some pathological form of anagramism.

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  3. Awful, awful, so vile and inelegant in her destruction. I’m sorry to see this Prospero, I hope you and Ariel were safe during this upheaval.

    – esme concerned upon the Cloud

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    • Ariel, court jestress, was entertained and entertaining.

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  4. Good day to you Prospero.
    IT is wonderful that you are fine and your house fairs well and Ariel was protected bathing luxuriously and extravagantly in the doggie sauna in a state of bliss therefore immuned to the havoc of the heart. It is unfortunate though what she did in her fury.
    Your photos are beautiful though. Unfortunately there is beauty in destruction sighh.Which may tell us something. Perhaps NIcole was trying to love you too hard.

    Thankyou for your dreamy par excellence birthday message.I have been in astral rose coloured abeyance as a result.This is why it took me a while to write.
    belle journee magnifique.

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    • Alas it is true that there is sometimes beauty in destruction.


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