My Bonnie lies over the ocean



My Bonnie




  1. – esme knowing her lasses upon the Cloud

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  2. My Bonnie was killed by a cell phone
    A great conflagration… so sad!
    And now I must dress as in mourning
    In garments of clan Stuart plaid.

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    • Right. Lose the bagpipes. Too heavy and not ideal for jazz improvisation.

      Meanwhile, we await hurricane Nicole Kidman.

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      • Yikes, Prospero. Have you battened your hatches? Sounds like Nicole is not Kidding at all. I’ve been following the weather reports. Supposedly your biggest blast will be Wednesday night into Thursday. Then she heads toward Canada. Hunker down. Take care.


      • Canada! What have they done?

        Our internet was out just a few minutes ago. Sounds promising…

        A category 2, direct hit. Don’t worry, my grass shack is solid. Just the other day I mixed up a batch of mud for the roof. I’m ready. Besides, a 120 mph wind doesn’t sound like that much.

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    • Can you believe I misspelled dual/duel?
      I blame Nicole.

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      • Yes, I noticed that. I figured it was done by the auto-correct feature on your device. It happens to me all the time….but it could well have been Nicole.

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    • Hahahahaha. Nicely done.

      – esme doing the Highland Fling upon the Cloud

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      • I submit to all cloud-dwelling highlanders that the dual aspect of a duel can be summarized thusly: stupidity and death.


  3. good day to you Prospero
    .stay safe.
    I am so used to hurricanes as a canadian I dont even raise an eyebrow
    thankyou for your recent visits they are flattering and respectful which is an amazing feat for a comedian.

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    • Le vacarme était plus méchant que les tourbillons de vents!


  4. It’s very late on Thursday, here. I imagine you have no electricity, no internet. But the weather reports tell me you are no longer hunkering down with Nicole….only coping with the aftermath of her tantrum and departure. Hope all is well with you.

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    • My little grass shack in Kealakekua is still standing!

      No loss of life on the island (only a few ruffled feathers, an irate magician, and a broken weather vane depicting a scene of debauchery from the plum-blue carpeted inner sanctum of Lady Gaga’s dressing room, in anticipation of the seminal Concert for the Unlettered ).

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