Naturally I was going to give this lovely photograph a title, but something distracted me and I plumb forgot. This is quite bad. I mean bloggers have been burned at the stake for less.


Messy Embrace



  1. “Plumb forgot” seems innocenter than a careless “forgot,” so I’m sure you’ll be forgiven.

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    • I think it’s Hillary that’s careless.

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      • I just mis-spent over an hour listening to a congressional inquiry into why she is not being indicted after it is so clear that she might ought to be…..ah…the lives of the rich and famous!…

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      • Luckily I’m not voting in those elections. Both candidates are scary.

        If you ever get sick of voting, do what I did–move to a small island: no elections to petrify you, only the thought of mysterious tropical diseases and unscheduled tsunamis to keep you up at night–still, relatively speaking, it’s heaven.

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      • Oh…you don’t know how much I would love to do that….

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      • Excellent. I’ll inform the consulate.When should they expect you?

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  2. I can’t make any immediate plans, but maybe in a year or so. My financial manager will apprise me of the particulars. Meanwhile, if I turn up my toes, I’ve left instructions for my ashes to be scattered out by the Isles of Shoals between Maine and New Hampshire….that will be one way of getting to an island….sort of.

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  3. Knives don’t graze people’s snozzes, people do. (People with knives though, so that doesn’t stand up too well on its own, and isn’t sharp enough by half, but tis early (for esme), so bear with (no funny business).

    You can get away with no title for the picture. But only this once, it’s perilous stuff.

    – esme blunted today upon the Cloud

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    • Thank you, Esme of the clouds, for hovering over, without hint of rain, my micro-story at 101words. There’s more to come. Next one will appear on July 11. I re-wrote that one 14 times! Hopefully I got it right!

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      • 14 times. By the Gods! Much like Andy Warhol’s screen print of the same name, which was over printed…14 times! Co-incidence?!! Yes. But there’s nothing wrong with being particular, chances are you’ll always have clean underwear on should an accident befall you *nods*.

        No rain here, oh no, I’m a polite Empress and the cloud tries its best. I look forward to the rest of the tale on the 11th. Eleven! Ben Hur won eleven Oscars in 1959!

        – esme getting a grip and leaving with a wave upon the Cloud

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      • Esmeralda of the high altitudes,

        The next story isn’t a continuation. Each story is a standalone [as each act of good or evil stands on its own (my thinking is more Nietzsche than Warhol)].

        If you search for Prospero Dae at 101, you will find over 50 stories. Good for a rainy day (but I needn’t tell an empress of the clouds about rain!)

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      • Good. I like short bursts, my brain works better with them at present (this is a quite true rather than a frippery). You are prolific sir! I’ll pop over and continue grazing a hey-nonny-non *beams some sunlight his way*.

        – esme of slow to action fame upon the Cloud


      • It’s my plan to conquer the world, 101 words at a time.

        Coming soon, 1,000 words in some other literary magazine.

        Soon I’ll be a real writer. Mat will be furious.

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  4. I’ve been thinking about your mention of the difficulty of voting…
    so often it’s a choice between the lesser of two evils….
    but now we have the evil of two lessers……..
    even my absentee ballot may be truly absent this time.

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    • but now we have the evil of two lessers……..


      And that sounds Nietzschean too.

      But it’s months before the election, and lots of stuff could happen before then.

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