A Modest Proposal

Myrciaria dubia



  1. I am very familiar with cranberry bogs, but as usual had to look up camu camu. As I might have expected, the berries are highly nutritious, as are most of your exotics, and they don’t grow around here.

    Though colored fonts annoy the bejeepers out of me—mostly because there’s rarely enough contrast between figure and ground to allow for my diminishing eyesight—I can see that you are very fond of them and are convinced they will sell your cause.
    Perhaps you could be even more convincing if you employ someone from the Rainbow Coalition of the 1960’s-1970’s, i.e.. a retired member of the Black Panthers, if there still be such around who are not dead or in prison. Then there’s always RAINBOW/PUSH, Jesse Jackson’s group. (PUSH= People United to Save Humanity)…These helpers might know a thing or two about arm-twisting and other convincing methods. I know it sounds a bit violent (not violet) but sometimes you have to save humanity in spite of itself.

    All this talk of colors and rainbows is sending me to where troubles melt like lemon drops, way above the chimney tops…that’s where you’ll find me, should anyone ask.

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    • I like your idea about scouring the country’s prisons to find like-minded people who can be cajoled into joining my group, which is incidentally called PUSH (or People Unsure about Saving Humanity). Of course I would hand out crayons at the meetings and insist on rabid adherence to the cause. Moving from a tourism economy to an agrarian one is not easy. There are so many negatives. And this is why I insist upon it. People have been mollycoddled for long enough on clean linen, endless supplies of hot water, and full-loaded minibars. Change is coming.

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  2. Swiftly, a modest proposal.

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  3. I quite prefer the world of rugged, honest farming over the world of If-it’s-Tuesday-this-must-be-Belgium. But it’s all water over the dam, since I can no longer garden, and I never go anywhere. I think you have your plans under control, but I would quietly caution: be careful to whom you hand out that Macaroni and Cheese crayon.

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    • Ah, yes… you mean be careful of who gets to pull the purse strings. Good point. It was never my intention to let those convicted of, let’s say armed robbery, have their hands in the till. No. For financial matters, only mass murders will do. I am modelling myself on the current fractional-reserve banking system.

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  4. Actually, I am way too simple a person to understand the ramifications of the fractional-reserve system…though I hope it’s in your favor. I was actually thinking that if you incautiously handed a Macaroni and Cheese crayon out to an un-profiled follower, he or she might eat it.

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    • Ah, now googling prison and/or parole deaths due to orangey colored crayon ingestion. Good work, Cynthia. Would you consider coming on board. PUSH needs people like you. As it happens, there’s an opening in the nutrition department–actually you would be the nutrition department, but you’d get to wear a snazzy PUSH button on your lapel. Your work here may even count as community service should you ever end up in the clink and subsequently be in need of reformation.

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      • Alas, community service is a total incomprehensibility to me…young people are urged to do community service in order to quality for the National Honor Society, and then petty criminals are sentenced to do community service as punishment… is it–virtue, or punishment, or both? Besides, If I wore a PUSH button on my lapel I’d be afraid someone would just come up to me and PUSH….Thanks for the offer, Prospero, but no thanks.


      • No problem. How about chief calligraphy officer ( CCO)?

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  5. Done! (as long as we don’t have to put anything in writing).

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