Governor’s mansion. Isle of Devils.
A flotilla of pirate ships gathers on Prospero’s island.
After several rounds of cannon fire, the armada disperses.
Breakfast resumes.










  1. great post


  2. And the island’s devils are only flying fish, cormorants…banana leaves in the wind … maybe a charlatan of a charlatan with Shakespearean imagination, his beautiful poisonous plants, and his beloved Papillon. After a tempest, there does seem to be—still, and always—breakfast.

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    • Naturally the tempest I have in mind, rooted in realpolitik, is accomplished by deploying dangerous armaments.

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  3. Ah yes, the governor’s mansion. I myself live in a cardboard structure. Corrugated cardboard to be precise. There’s a strict building code on the island (having to do, I am told, with hurricanes,
    volcanos–which are thankfully mostly dormant, tornadoes, floods, brush fires, tsunamis, and civil strife.)

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    • You must think outside the box. (I did not coin that, I stole it.)

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      • I do think outside the box. When I need to dream something up, I get up from my paper chair, open the poster board door, and walk around the island, taking care not to be hit by a papier-mâché car or bus.

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  4. Though it is the tempest in mind that this piece was constructed, it all instantly took me (by express Cloud) to Phraxos in ‘The Magus’, which was highly enjoyable as I haven’t visited the place in years. And of course a ‘Magus’ is a sorcerer or wizard. It all falls together in the end. *nods a great deal*.

    – esme sitting in humid weather upon the Cloud

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    • All sorcerers are alike, though not necessarily interchangeable.

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