Aloe excelsa


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  1. I am so fortunate to have you as my premier source of horticultural odd-knowledge…why, just now I was reading about how aloe excelsa powder was used on diabetic rats in Zimbabwe as a test to see if what the local traditional healers said about its good effects was true…and it proved to reduce glucose levels just as well as insulin injections!
    Without you, Prospero, it is highly unlikely that I would have discovered this. Thank you. And please don’t unsubscribe me.

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    • No chance of that, Ursula.

      Now if I could only find some diabetic rats to experiment with. Naturally I pass out questionnaires, but rodents are notoriously bad at filling these out accurately. Blood tests are an option, but I have this thing about rat blood. Still, there’s nothing I won’t do in the name of science (except subjugate myself to rigorous and statistically significant methods).

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    • Ursula, I guess political satire isn’t my forte. Or that nail polish and celebrity BBQs are not conducive to sober refection on the 2016 presidential (question mark) campaign.

      …for the reality TV star is d. trump and the elephants are his feisty adversaries!

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  2. awesome pic


  3. Aloe. Aloe. I’m still into nail polish so don’t want to be unsubscribed. I find these days that it’s getting harder and harder to bend down far enough to paint the toe nails, so I’m reduced to painted finger nails and yellow leotards. I hope that’s alright?

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    • Aloe. My name is Ursula.

      That’s fine, Bruce. Do what you can–but try to stick to those gaudy, neon colors. The whole of New Zealand will thank you.

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      • I don’t want to upstage Kiri Te Kanawa or anything – so I’ll wear gaudy neon camouflage.

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      • Had to google that. Her voice has been described as mellow yet vibrant, warm, ample and unforced–like her nail polish.

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      • Kiri Te Kanawa… I have admired and enjoyed her story and her song for a long time…we were both born in 1944 and went to different schools together.

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      • Invite her over to tea and ask her to sing something from Mahler’s 4th.

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      • That would be lovely…only it would require a symphony orchestra to come too, and I simply haven’t enough bone china teacups to accommodate the lot of them.

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      • Damn – I was trying to name a celebrity you might know. I should’ve named Clement Bethel or someone like that…


      • Sorry, I’m unlikely to know anybody after 1750.

        But Clement Bethel was my butcher for years.

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