Tropaeolum majus DSC_8274_wb_sm



  1. For a gracious moment, something pink and soft takes center stage….as the prickles lie out of focus…

    And (I would expect nothing less) your Ham is beautifully scored…each diamond shape studded with a whole clove.


    • The beauty of irony, I suppose.

      And speaking ironically of irony… those prickly flowers are nasturtiums, reinvented for your pleasure.

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      • Nasturtiums…second only to tulips in my canon of favorite flowers (and leaves) but I had not seen any in that very shade of pink before….lovely.


      • Hence the reinvention…

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      • Ah…the charlatan, the magician, strikes again…


      • If one can fictionalize real-life people, one can fictionalize flowers…

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  2. Beautiful flower Prospero – love the soft pink!


  3. Seduction. You know how to capture a moment.


  4. great morality tale.
    these little pinky blossoms look like an old gramophone speaker, but rather than spitting sounds out, sucking them in 🙂

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