Fiddlewood: flora of Bermuda


Alas I have been demoted to writing lush micro-stories of 64 words. My goal of writing the Great Bermudian Novel recedes even further. Soon I will be writing eight word tales.



  1. Your 64 words stories are off-beam enough for me to find compellingly attractive. Don’t do 8; no one has the time to read 8.


    • No one has time to read 8…

      Exactly. As Pascal once reputedly said: “I would have written a shorter letter–but I didn’t have the time.”

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  2. Brevity is the soul of wit… coin a phrase.

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  3. Sanatorial sea life and sibilant snores – yes, a dream love infinitely more preferable!
    I enjoy your brief stories! 🙂

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  4. enjoyed the sixtyfourwordsstories but waiting for more hundredandonewords ones..


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