new year’s resolution

The lake

I have to confess that I did not keep last year’s New Year Resolution.

I, the undersigned, Prospero Dae, resolve to end world hunger.”

I think I may have been too ambitious (this trait runs in the family, as my great-great grandfather, a chimney sweep, wanted to be an emperor.)

This year I’m aiming a little lower. I am resolving to end all armed conflict around the globe–within six months.

Naturally I will only be blogging occasionally, as negotiating arms treaties with belligerent nation states is somewhat time consuming.



  1. Dear Prospero,
    Genetic traits aside, I can only wish you well with your much more realistic resolution for this year. You have the necessary words at your fingertips to achieve this highly noble diplomatic goal and I am certain you have chosen your translators with as much puntiliousness as your words. You are, therefore, guaranteed of success.
    Only one question remains : what plans do you have for the second six months?
    Kind regards

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    • Rob, I can now concede that I set a trap for myself, which you were able to exploit (as warring factions are wont to do). Let’s see–the next six months… I’ve been meaning to brush up on my taxidermy skills, so I think I could do that. There’s nothing quite as majestic as a stuffed kinkajou or, in keeping with my nautical background, something from the class Holothuroidea (sea cucumbers, for instance, make nice mantle pieces.)

      And, more than incidentally, Happy New Year…


      • Great ideas! For a brief moment I thought you may brush up on your Japanese and follow your ancestral leanings. Phew!
        A sea cucumber as a mantle piece! What a conversation topic! Especially if you caught one around October – taxidermy simplified, yes?
        Love your thinking – always appreciated and raises a smile and a laugh! Thank you.
        Happy New Year to you too – with the very best of wishes for the year ahead!

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  2. I don’t see any signature under that “I the undersigned….” But then, you are probably speaking metaphorically, about good intentions/wishful thinking; rather like a candidate for Miss Universe.

    As with any project to “make a difference”, you will need to cultivate the right feelings, in order to feel successful:
    1. empathetic sorrow
    2 moral indignation
    3. self-congratulation for feeling the other two.

    You may not even need six months for this. It can be accomplished almost immediately, and just continued as a regular habit of thinking over time. Then you can return to your writing, your taxidermy, or whatever other leisure pursuits you fancy.

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    • I always felt that the wise, duplicitous, and chauvinistic minds (formally known as ‘they’) that created this particular cultural artifact sold themselves short: Miss Universe. Why not Miss Multi-Universe? Naturally Miss Brazil in a turquoisey maillot made of tracing paper could wow the bejeebers out of, let’s say, carbon atoms or bits of chalk from the sculpturesque surface of one of Saturn’s rings–but would she dominate in a multi- universe scenario?

      P.S. Is chauvinistic still a word?

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      • Though it’s still a word, we don’t hear “chauvinist” much anymore. It used to apply to the masculists, but now, since it applies more to the feminists, we don’t hear it much anymore.


      • Shame, really. I guess the term is dated. How exactly a perennial problem becomes dated is another question. Just one of those things I’ll never quite understand, I guess.

        But perhaps the word is due for a resurgence, especially after having been revived on such an influential blog as this.

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  3. I agree with Cynthia on the Miss Universe thing. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy in my bikini.

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    • I see that you’ve updated your profile picture. Next time you care to change it up, why not model some swimwear–nothing too risqué, of course, but just enough to break the internet.

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      • Anything for world piece peace.

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      • A two-piece bathing suit for a two-piece solution to world peace. I’m with you, Bruce. The next six months is going to be easier than I thought.

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  4. A hilarious thread of posts Prospero, I don’t know what’s more engaging ~ considering your New Years Resolution or all the discussions up above. Love it all, got to admit this is a great way to start the year! Happy New Year my friend and Miss Ariel too ~


    • BTW I love this shot of yours! A quietness to the scene that really speaks to me.

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  5. well you probably have more power than you think.
    beautiful photos here.
    new year good luck to you and always


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