The Great Grapes of Wrath

(one of my best books–if only I had tightened up the title I think it could have been big)

Colville's Glory

Garcinia hombroniana, Seashore mangosteen

Seashore mangosteen

Eugenia selloi. a.k.a. Eugenia neonitida, Eugenia nitida, Pitangatuba


Myrciaria x – Red Hybrid Jaboticaba, Jaboticaba


Malpighia emarginata, Acerola


Annona cherimoya, Cherimoya


Garcinia intermedia, Lemon Drop Mangosteen

Lemon drop mangosteen

Glycyrrhiza glabra, Licorice


Morus nigra, Black Mulberry or Blackberry

Black Mulberry or Blackberry

Dionaea muscipula, small infants

Dionaea muscipula

Plukenetia volubilis, Sacha Inchi, Sacha Peanut, Mountain Peanut or Inca-peanut

Inca Peanut, Jungle Peanut


  1. If you had called your masterpiece “The Great Grapes of Darth” you could have incorporated elements of “Star Wars” – which might help it to sell.

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    • I like your idea Bruce, particularly as it applies to action figures, which are great, as you know, for extorting additional money from the not-too-discerning public. I’m thinking of a Tomm Joad slash Luke Skywalker figurine. I’ll have my art department work on it in the morning.

      N.B. Some commentators have spoken about a superficial similarity between Tomm Joad and the Tom Joad of another novel, though I never noticed this myself .

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      • While on the Tom(m) Joad connection, you might also wish to combine Rose of Sharon Joad Rivers with Joan Rivers. I just hope with all these possible academic references that your work doesn’t become inaccessible.

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      • I hardly think my work could ever be construed as inaccessible–rubbish, certainly, but not inaccessible (especially not for those readers that find Finnegans Wake to be crass commercialism).

        “While on the Tom(m) Joad connection, you might also wish to combine Rose of Sharon Joad Rivers with Joan Rivers.” Combining the late Joan Rivers with anything is vulgar, therefore I think it has great marketing potential.

        Certain left wing commentators have also noted that a story about a cereal bowl does not have the same sociological gravitas as a story about the dust bowl (again comparing my work to that other novel).

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      • These left-wingers! They’re all burnt-out trendies. But the advantage is that they know little difference between a cereal bowl and a serious bowl; nor between the vulgar and the Vulgate for that matter.

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  2. Is that the one of your books that carried “Hemorrhoids” as its working title?
    If you need to reach me I’ll be in the great googling morass looking up botanical latin words…..I can’t tell a thing from all the little green guys in the photos here…..but I must say they sound impressively exotic.

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    • “Is that the one of your books that carried “Hemorrhoids” as its working title?”

      You remembered. Incidentally, it sold three copies, two of which were yours.

      Happy googling…

      (by the way, the grapes are from my Colvillea racemosa tree–something else to add to your lookup list).

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  3. I am always very happy to support a struggling author; whether they sell three copies, or four, not less your “Great Grapes”….

    On the subject of Joan Rivers I will not opine..I loved her.

    Finnegans Wake, however (I hope you notice I did not apostrophize or possessivize the Finnegan) is a book I will never finish. I will likely be dead before that book ever is…such is the stream of literature. I think you and Bruce have something there, with Wrath and Darth, especially in the commercial enterprise with action figures.
    Metaphors be with you.

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    • I seriously think you need to copyright “Metaphors be with you.”

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      • It’s probably already “viral” on the internet, my sweet friend.

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      • Darn! And here I thought the phrase would catapult you into the spotlight.

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