Canine Bomb Squad




  1. Ariel is definitely on to something important…even though we of the stunted noses may consider her sniffing a simple, fruitless exercise.


    • Ariel is always busy with something important. I think she turns up her nose at her master’s fruitless pursuits though–reminding him of what’s actually important in life.

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  2. The ever industrious Ariel seems to be doing what dogs do best…following the trail of something decidedly interesting. If the interesting smell isn’t on the ground, it’s usually around a tree trunk, lamp post or ordinary looking wall. Keeping the ‘opposition’ at bay is vital to our welfare (from a doggy’s point of view).

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    • It’s best never to question what the sprite does. She keeps the property safe too, as a burglar would be incapacitated by trills of laughter.

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      • What more could you ask of a guard dog? All households evidently should have an Ariel. Can I order one online? 😀

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      • I just checked. They’re all sold out.

        How about a Peruvian guinea pig? They’re excellent at surveillance. Won’t break the bank either.


  3. I adore those ears!


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