Ariel’s Prance




  1. I am trying to imagine the dance of such a tiny creature as being a prance, but I keep hearing more of a staccato….perhaps the prance is such a thing as daydreams are made of.

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    • The Papillon’s strut-slash-prance is such stuff as dreams are made on.

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  2. This sweet little spirit iis evidently dancing (or prancing) to impress his master – some strange magician called Prospero. But this elusive magician doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight.


    • Actually, Ariel is a she. But I can’t blame you for making this mistake for Ariel is a ‘he’ in The Tempest. But many times the role is played by a woman/girl/nymph. To make matters worse, Helen Mirren plays ‘Prospera’ in the 2010 film directed by Julie Taymor. What confusion!

      It is a well-established fact that ghosts, specters, heads of crime syndicates, hagiographers, and magicians do not photograph well.

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      • Total confusion, I agree, Prospero, but I’m sure your lovely little dog didn’t mind the name at all. I know how much you miss her. Animals can become very dear to us. Anyway, I can see how the Helen Mirren role would not have helped eradicate confusion one bit. I’ve never seen a photo of you, Prospero, so I don’t know whether magicians photograph well or not – in real life, I mean.. They seem to look alright in films… As for hagiographers, I’ve never seen a photo of one and they don’t often appear in films, so I wouldn’t know about them. Heads of crime syndicates… ? Does Marlon Brando count in ‘The Godfather’? He looked OK.

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      • More confusion, Millie. Ariel, is still very much with me. In fact, she’s biting the rubber ferrule of my scepter as we speak. I think you are referring to my dearest Angie. She was also a four pound Papillon, hence the understandable confusion. And yes, I still miss her terribly.

        But you must remember that what you have seen in movies are impostors. They are not magicians or mafia crime bosses. They are actors. And actors in the main photograph well.

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      • I think the first post I read of yours was about your well-loved dog that had died. Perhaps the death had been a while in the past, but you spoke of her so fondly. I hadn’t realised Ariel was a different dog, so sorry for my confusion. I do agree that the magicians and crime bosses in the movies are shameless imposters. But pretty – or just ‘interesting’ – faces do look good on photos. Your little Ariel is a delight.

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      • Delightful and mischievous!

        I lost Angie in August 2012. Ariel, aged two, arrived in November of that year. It’s hard to mend a broken heart.

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      • I can only agree to that, Prospero, and hope Ariel is loved as much as Angie.

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  3. Ariel is just awesome – I love her fluffy tail and ears as they move about with her, as she takes the stages and prances about. Sweet, as nothing else can be – luck you Prospero.


    • I keep telling her that her daddy was a champion, which is true. But a champion of what? That I am not exactly clear on. (Is there such a thing as a ‘grace and charm’ champion?)

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      • So funny, but it doesn’t surprise me that she has some of a champion genes in her. There is much to admire with this little princess.


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