Psychopomps and other things








psycho def


pump def


psychopomp def

“In various systems of religious belief, a being, such as a god or a person acting as a shaman, who guides the spirits of the dead to the afterlife or the otherworld.”



Writing, they* say, is just another word for collecting: as the philatelist collects philates (presumably), the writer collects word definitions (like philatelist and humbuggery–you get the idea).

* I’m quite sure nobody has said this, but this is my blog and I can be suzerain if I choose to be.

Drabble Prospero Dae

Then there’s Bliss…

Poespero Dae drabble



  1. Back when I was of an age to be wearing pumps, they were considered different, a more reasonable height of heel than stilettos — those toe-crushing stilts that throw the posture out of alignment and flex the calf muscles in a way considered sexy by those of pedestrian taste. But who am I to call into question the definitions of the blog suzerain for whom I have great respect and admiration. I will not follow him shamanically, however, and certainly not unless I can do so wearing my sensible Mary Janes.

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    • Naturally my pronouncements on fashion are unimpeachable ( see First Vatican Council, 1869). I am a fashionista. This Petrine supremacy was conferred upon me by my uncle, a heldentenor who habitually sang Wagner in the shower.

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  2. Ah those insane pumps!


  3. Fashion not being in my range of experience, I just kick back, kick off my stil… um… I mean my sturdy ever-so-manly, rugby boots, and bask in the images of the stories and the magic of the conversations generated (dictionary by my side!).
    An absolute pleasure to read – boots, stilettos, pumps, Mary Janes and all! Many thanks! 🙂

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  4. Just an aside: i am sure everybody is aware of the fact that the author carefully chose the word humbuggery to allude, intertextually, to Humbert Humbert.

    (actually this note is just to hide her utter hermeneutic failure when she first read the story – knowing that a stiletto was a type of dagger and having no penchant for fashion vagaries, she was bound to produce a completely surrealistic interpretation of the story)


    • And this is possibly why certain avatars depict butterflies.

      Yes, of course, the Stiletto switchblade. Brilliant. Only a former KGB agent such as yourself would have made that connection, I think. I honestly hadn’t thought of it. And it makes a such a great murder weapon. Maybe it isn’t surreal after all. Maybe it’s a better interpretation.


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