Ceropegia stapeliiformis var. serpentina


Some people grow petunias, others cultivate Ceropegias.
Some people read E. L. James, others read William Faulkner.



  1. But most of all, I admire those who can spell “Ceropigias” without having to look it up.


  2. I almost always have to look up the flora from your magic garden. I so love the shape and attitude of this one….in part, possibly, due to the fine photograph of it. The photos of her on the web do not exhibit the same loving, artful, and dramatic treatment.

    If you’re taking a poll, but me down with the Faulkner crowd.


    • Put me down with the Faulkner crowd–I’m shocked, Cynthia.

      High drama is the best way to introduce improbable flora to an unsuspecting public.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Striking Prospero. Awesome photograph as the Ceropegias stands tall with those gorgeous design patterns against the stark background – a wonderful shot!


  4. so he’s insulting my petunias now!!! 🙂
    (though it seems i fare better with the second line, as i have no idea who E. L. James is!)

    [breathless – what an image!]


    • Oh, dearest, I forgot that you work for the petunia Anti-Defamation League.

      Don’t know E. L. James–bless your soul.


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