A return to the 100-word epic form:

The authors of Beowulf would have been aghast at the new form–so short. I mean Beowuf is 3182 lines long, give or take a few, as misrememberings often plagued Anglo-Saxon proponents of the then fledgling genre.



  1. But then, the authors of Beowulf, (and the readers thereof until recently), not having to keep up with social media, had so much more time on their hands!

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    • Yes, Beowulfians had more time on their hands to subdue sleeping dragons (a hands on task if there ever was one). Taking the time to tweet could easily cost a life. I pine for those days.

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      • “Beowulfians…” has such a nice ring to it….


      • Don’t get me started on the Pre-Raphaelites! Another beautiful sounding bunch of rogues.

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  2. Ha, and today I can’t even send a 2 worded text from my cell phone – not fast enough with problems.


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