Echo by Prospero Dae



  1. Loved it, Prospero

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    • Thank you Cynthia. I can always count on your support and your generously insightful comments. Anyone who has tried to write knows how difficult writing can be. Your advice to me was to keep writing. This was not obvious to me (I suppose it should have been!) but I really needed to hear it from someone who knows just how difficult it is to put some words down, listen to the sound, consider the meaning, then erase everything and start again. Given the quality of your work, I am certain that you adhere to the same fundamentals.

      I’m not sure if 1,000 words is 10 times harder to write than 100, but owing to the recursive nature of the editing process, it may be so.

      Thank you again (my mentor).

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  2. Beautiful quietness of the atmosphere pulls me in Prospero. Lovely vision.


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