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If you were tempted to listen to the author, who is presently warming his hands by the fire, gazing out of a hoarfrosted window, you would be inclined to pay attention to the two readers in the story–the shabbily clad stranger trapped within the bounds of the fiction and you, the reader of said fiction, comfortably ensconced in your favorite chair, face illumed by the pale, fault-effacing light of your computing device.



  1. Yes, I was tempted to listen to the author, and now a gelid pall is cast over my thinking as I read the story trying to discover the deep meaning of author intent. So far it eludes….but when the grey cells thaw out, I will be back….


    • Of course, even ‘the author’ here is a fictional construct as it is not exactly hat and mittens weather on this island. Is it any wonder that meaning is elusive?

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      • The reader, a sentimental creature by habit, is ‘distracted’ by the pathos of a dead infant, and thereby assumes that the stranger weeps out of sadness. But what if the stranger, a poor man, weeps tears of joy after having found a gold watch? Both possibilities co-exist.


      • Ah, but this reader is not a sentimental creature by habit or one who is dazzled by gold… ( the death of a three-year- old is not sad to me, as terrible as it is for the parents, and poverty being something I have known, the joy of relief, is the direction in which my mind was going. The tears of Jack Frost, (I’ve decided to call the stranger Jack Frost) are, perhaps like most tears, a mixed pleasure. It’s a wonderful story, for that complexity, in such a small space, Prospero. I’ll get over there and say so, in so many words.

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      • A surprising comment, Cynthia. My literary nonsense has indirectly given me an insight into who you are. How marvelous is that! And you are right, the last sentence is open for interpretation and may well contain a mixture of emotions ranging from grief, to joy, to guilt, to deliverance–like a pendulum never being anywhere, but always going somewhere (somewhither).

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  2. Going over to see what this author has been up to ~


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