The Birds


Suzanne Pleshette was afraid of birds, so she married Bob ‘Hartley’ (nee Newhart), a psychologist specializing in big-screen ornithophobia. In contrast, A. H. loved birds, particularly blonde ones. You just can’t write this stuff–or not that easily. Truth is stranger than fiction, but not if I have anything to say about it.

Prospero Dae



  1. Great show and I do remember the characters well – who dreams this stuff up? Well I’m off to go see your latest and I’m quite sure entertaining 101 words!


    • My favorite Newhart show was when he was an Innkeeper in New England and had some interesting friends among the natives, like the brothers who traveled everywhere together in single file, and only one of them spoke:

      “Hi, my name is Larry. This is my brother Daryl. This is my other brother, Daryl…”

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      • 🙂 so great Cynthia – yes, I remember that too! There is something so missing with today’s programs that aren’t even close to matching the quality of 25-30 years ago. Newhart was a great show!

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      • Cynthia: of course I’m too young to have seen this show, so I’ll have to take your word for it.


  2. Unfortunately, I don’t know the show, Prospero but, from above comments, it sounds as though it was one worth watching. I enjoyed reading your short story though.

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    • This must be so confusing to you then. Let me explain: Suzanne Pleshette played a character called Emily, and she was a brunette, unlike Tippi Hedren, though more on this later. ‘Emily’ was not afraid of birds either. She did marry a psychologist in the television show, but he didn’t specialize in ornithophobia. His specialty was blandness. Meanwhile, in another universe, the big-screen, Alfred Hitchcock made a film called “The Birds.” It stared Suzanne Pleshette, but that was no good because the director, Mr. Hitchcock, preferred blondes–like Tippi Hedren, who was coincidentally in the film.
      So simple, really.


  3. I don’t remember this one. But thanks for sharing! Pretty European Starling.


  4. From the sublime (caring for our feathered friends) to the horror – endous (Hitchcock et al) ! The classic comical (Newhart) to the… well, yes, just comical (insurance men et al!) – neatly covered Prospero! 🙂 Glad you stayed away from the wiring!


  5. I remember!:)


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