Monadenium ritchiei


This post covers
1) Monadeniums (fleetingly: only a picture)
2) Toasters (with a plug for my new book)
3) Somnambulist (to keep readers from getting bored)

Two more micros stories. And what propitious timing on the first one–just when I was putting the finishing touches on my brand new book about household appliances and their ontological significance in a post agrarian society. The chapter on electric can-openers is one of the best. It’s a fascinating look at how motorized appliances have occulted hand operated models. The crassitude of wind-up, hand-cranked implements for recreational and kitchen use is given full expression.

Next, there’s a charming story, suggested to me by Dr. Libellule, about a somnambulist.



  1. I had no idea you were hatching a book about the ontological significance of household appliances. At least it won’t be about household appliances. That would be boring.

    And besides a book, we have here not just one, but a second story to enjoy…..most appropriate on the day of the blue moon!

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    • If I had only realized it was a blue moon today I would have used it to introduce the unusual occurrence of two stories in a day. But, as usual, you beat me to it. My wit-o-meter is having trouble breathing–caught somewhere between the Scylla of laughing and the Charybdis of weeping.

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  2. ‘Plug’ for my new book on toasters–this really kills me.

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    • And the fact that you enjoy your own play on language tickles me too! Just be careful with that plug and don’t get electrocuted, even if it kills you.


      • “the fact that you enjoy your own play on language…” Another sign of insanity–and just as unpleasant as electrocution.


  3. All fascinating – you are writing up a storm these days Prospero, I’m off to read your latest two.


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