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This short post is a segue to a recent cosmological discourse with Rob: from the ethereality of space to the sublimity nestled within our green pastures, I submit this earthy F major chord ( for Ted in particular–and it’s actually a I-V7sus4 change–but these are, I suppose, the exigencies of the sublime).

And Cynthia, this is, quite incidentally, where I learned my grammar and syntax.



  1. Incidentally, and accidentally too, I think. This tinkling of the ivories (excuse the outmoded idiom— does anyone but me do ivories anymore with the advent of plastique ?) is very conducive to vim and vigor on a nondescript thursday morning….the sinister hand keeps me moving and the dextrous has me liking it…

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    • Yes, and how can the dexter hand be so dexterous? Of this earth and not of this earth in the same breath!

      I’ve decided to lower the sensitivity of my wit-o-meter (patent pending), as I am made partially deaf each time one of your comments is decoded, analyzed, and frequently deemed dangerously witty, necessitating a tumultuous fanfare of bells and whistles, followed by the meretricious display of zebras and assorted camelids in frou-frou skirts doing the French cancan.

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      • It is your own fertile and rapier wit which seem to inspire and invite…a rare occurrence in my days, as they are usually peopled with lack of understanding, envy, and the sheer pedestrian dullness and dimness that forces me underground and silent most to the time. So I thank you!

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      • Ha! And you speak of being forced into a metaphorically chthonic existence–and at your age! Think of how it will be when your reach my petrified age. What you call cavernous today will seem bright by comparison, trust me on this.

        Still, wit begets wit. A Streetcar Named Inspire. Don’t you see, Cynthia, inspiration is a two-way street. If only our friend Oscar were still alive–it would be a three lane highway, and no speed limit…

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  2. Beautiful, it sounds like Thelonious Monk meets Nina Simone! I am confused on the chord. Are you speaking of the progression? F major, to C7? Sorry my theory and ears are not as tight as they should be. Not sure where the suspended 4th comes in. Doing the cancan! 🙂


    • “Beautiful, it sounds like Thelonious Monk meets Nina Simone!” Not Thelonius Sphere Monk or Nina Simone–but close (at least in terms of originality and soulfulness).

      Are you speaking of the progression? F major, to C7?
      Yes. F major to C7sus4. But since the sus 4 on the C7 is F, it’s really like an F pedal throughout and hence much like a single chord. I wouldn’t worry too much about your ears not getting it–it’s in a major tonality, but the 6th, 7th, 9th, and 5th are frequently flattened on the right hand! Still, one hears the cycles of tension/release even if one doesn’t know the notes. Outside notes (i.e.notes not ‘belonging’ to the major scale) create tension. So does playing at blinding speed. But the tension is always released. And sometimes it’s suspended (pun obviously intended: nothing is accidental, Cynthia ) for a while.

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      • That is really cool!!! Makes sense. I am really going to have to try that trick. It is amusing to me, (C7sus4). I am going to experiment with the tension and release to hear it from myself. Thank!


      • And what you will find, Ted, is that the V chord has a lot of tension because it always wants to resolve to the I chord.

        And within the scope of your V chord (C7sus4), the suspended 4th (the tension) wants to resolve to the 3rd.

        Try it out.

        I’ll make a jazz player out of you yet!

        By the way, that was the inimitable (god-like) Keith Jarrett playing (Bremen Lausanne solo concerts).

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      • If you can make me a jazz player, I will be very blessed. By the way, I shared this discovery with another musician friend today. Thank you!!!


      • I just tried the progression. That resolves really clean, it is like ahhh!!!!!


  3. An excellent piece! I am not a musician, so I am unable to comment on the particulars, but I was thoroughly engaged!


    • Not a musician…But you make up for it elsewhere, Elena–and in spades. Painting is akin to the symphony in graphic art terms.

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      • I second that opinion!!!


      • Ted, I am happy to hear that, and so will Elena. But I have to say that your drawings are a sensation.

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      • That is Great. Elena is incredible, and very humble when I compliment her. She creates beauty!


  4. words leave me bereft….too full to speak, to type, to express…suffice to say I traveled from sublime ethereality to earthy reality and back, absorbing all along the way – and the tears still fall
    Absolutely beautiful Prospero! Thank you for sharing – heart is full (know it sounds weepy but there it is!).
    A note for Cynthia please (our real Poet extraordinaire!) – for me, always ivory!

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    • I heard this many years ago, Rob, and still haven’t recovered fully. I am hoping the ailment plagues me forever though.

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    • This too, Rob:

      For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror which we are barely able to endure, and it amazes us so, because it serenely disdains to destroy us.
      Rainer Maria Rilke

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