Spiral Ginger



  1. that’s really a cute flower, looks like a chicken nearly

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  2. The ginger flower is lovely…the background piqued my pareidolia tendencies….


    • Yet another sign of madness. Poets, alas, seem to be afflicted with many illusory instincts. Today, international bankers suffer from many of the same delusions. I suppose they can be considered as native 21st Century poets, seeing, exempli gratia, tangible, real-world value in derivatives and other fancy instruments deployed in the service of fraud.

      (Funny, he slips into Latin while thinking about the Greeks…)

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  3. I’ll just say – a most beautiful shot of the ginger flower Prospero!


  4. I wouldn’t have known it was a ginger flower, but for the comments above. But it is a lovely and unusual thing, Prospero. As to why it is a charlatan, I have yet to discover…


    • Which goes to prove that some of my readers have a great knowledge of botany.

      But it isn’t the flower that is the charlatan–it’s the quizzical photographer, or, elsewhere, the narrator/author.

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      • My knowledge of botany is rather limited, I’m afraid. My husband’s the botanist in our family. I loved your photo anyway, Prospero, whether you refer to yourself as a charlatan or not. 🙂


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