Papillon breed

Prospero Dae Drabble



  1. It’s a good thing you live so far away, or I would steal that dog.

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    • Ah, I am prepared for that.

      Two years ago I hired seven members of the Swiss Guard for security, former members, as a matter of fact, having been dishonorably discharged: no additional details provided. It’s a colorful solution, but I found it to be inadequate. That’s where the artillery pieces come into play. Admittedly some of them don’t fire with great accuracy (some don’t fire at all), but the noise is impressive and acts as a deterrent.

      As you can imagine, Ariel is well protected from pilfering poets.

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  2. Okay, okay. I forgot what century you come from, and would be a fool to engage the pique of men in red, blue, and orange bloomers who carry a halberd. The only downside—and this is way down, considering Ariel’s height—is that the sweet little pooch will be spoiled and begin to cherish delusions of papacy. What a bother….now we’ll have to change “Viva il Papa!” to “Viva la Mama!”

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    • Ariel has no papal ambitions; however, she does have a recurring dream in which she is an ordained bishop (the canine equivalent, I suppose) and cannot find the Conclave. Very frustrating. They are dressed in red vestments and are having pizza, so it’s doubly disappointing.

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  3. Why do I love her so – just look at all the fluff and gorgeously lifted brown/black ears, and with such a sweet face. Yes she is a Princess and you are one lucky person.

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