I have compiled the following data:

Total revenue from writing: $0
Total revenue from Inca-peanut plantation: $300

Having studied these figures exhaustively, I have reached the tentative conclusion that I should concentrate my efforts on growing Inca-peanuts (Sasha inchi or to impress a Carl Linnaeus groupie, Plukenetia volubilis). Naturally I will have an accountant corroborate my findings. Statistical analysis is tricky business and I don’t want to prejudge the outcome.

Camu camu seedling

And for all of the doubting Thomases that said I could not grow camu camu (have you seen the price of camu camu powder?), there’s proof. Myrciaria dubia! in the flesh. Shouldn’t it be Myrciaria dubious? Okay, it isn’t exactly fruiting, but it’s still a small miracle (note to self–next project: miracle fruit).


Here we have Eugenia selloi (formerly Eugenia neonitida–don’t ask: probably having to do with a sex change operation or something equally astounding). Needless to say, this is a rare Eugenia.

Eugenia seed

Finally, why not grow your own coffee? Kona (Coffea arabica).

Kona coffea arabica



  1. Pity the poor açai palm, now having to cede to that johnny-come-lately in the market for faddish superfoods. You are a marvel, Prospero, in your devotion to the ever more exotic horticulture and diet.

    But won’t it take quite a long while to achieve a full grown bush of Myrciaria dubia? Will you twiddle your thumbs waiting? I guess that would be good exercise for texting on those tiny smartphone keys. But no, you will have time to write, while waiting. Let your Sacha Inchi plantation support your itchy habit to write, however unremunerated. Write because it’s one of your gifts. That’s what I think you should do. And I am unanimous in that.

    P.S. I am the furthest thing from an accountant.


    • Dear Cynthia, I have two talents worthy of mention. One is to be able to test the patience–often to the breaking point–of the island’s Agriculture department when confronted with the importation of seeds either believed to be of long extinct flora or having no record of ever having existed. Another is to recognize speakers of Esperanto without the aid of special instrumentation. Your main (and I say main because there are many) talent is summoning sound and meter.

      But I do think there’s a future for me–writing witty slogans to appear on cereal boxes is but one possibility. Greeting card makers often employ writers gifted with the ability to reduce the complexities and richness of life into six or seven well chosen words. So, as you can see, the future is bright, and I will keep writing–if only to try to keep up with you!

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  2. You seem to grow a lot of what I’d call ‘exotic’ seeds, Prospero. I can only assume you’re very successful at doing so. The varieties you list would only grow in the UK in hot houses. As for writing … Writing witty slogans on cereal boxes and greeting cards could be fun. Lucrative? Who knows? I’m sure you’re much happier with your plants, anyway.

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  3. Plants are notoriously fickle. I think it is preferable–and more prudent–to seek the stability of being gainfully employed to write testimonials on soup cans.

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  4. Write on Propsero (just not greeting cards of cereal boxes) because it’s always something to read your tales, your bits n’ pieces, and your stories – we can only dream as you take us on your adventures (except dear Cynthia!). In the meantime, I do enjoy your experimenting and these exotic seed ventures – progress is being made . . . hello to my friend Ariel!


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