Watching lustrous Florentine beauties float by hither and thither (white gloved, in magnificent dresses and maroquin shoes), a youngblood named Dante (no, not the famous one!) sits at an umbrella-shaded table, with an umbrella-shaded drink, on an elevated terrace, whereupon he meets, distractedly and charily, a poet named Virgil.




  1. “Into the blind world we have now descended,” said Virgil, cryptically. For one could not yet find a name for what one was looking at,—lovely as it was— not being schooled in the infernal nomenclature. Alpinia? One of the beauties halted for a brief moment at the sound of this name, and raised a white glove to the brow; it had been a long time since anyone had mentioned the names Lilly, or even Ginger.


    • “Into the blind world we have now descended,” said Virgil, cryptically.
      That Virgil, what a card.

      And even though white-gloved Lilly, Ginger, Heather, and Rose strut the immodest catwalks of the seventh terrace with grace and aplomb, they are hopeless at science in general; nevertheless, I myself am schooled in most systems of nomenclature, including but not limited to infernal nomenclature, and can report emphatically and phallically (shouldn’t even be an adverb!) that the you are looking at Amorphophallus paeoniifolius, scorched by the fires of lasciviousness and bad photography.

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      • I learn so much from you, dear Prospero, and your cousin Wicked Pedia too. I googled Amorphophallus paeonifolius. Oh my, I had to blush and avert my gaze. Not only that, I read that there is a nocturnal stench to Amorphophallus that is a combination of rotten fish, mothballs and limburger cheese. I hope this is not a houseplant.


      • Outdoors! Why heavens yes…

        And you must recognize, dear Cynthia, that the educational aspect of this blog is purely accidental, as my mission is to enchant and not to educate.

        Still, just as the smoke from a ravening fire can accidentally gets into your lungs, the occasional ember of knowledge may escape these pages.

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  2. I’m enchanted following your posts !


  3. Lovely setup Prospero, I’ll keep it simple as I ponder the scene and theme. The flower shot is magnificent with it’s contrasts and strength, and intensity of light – yes, this is what I would paint as I watched the two out of the corner of my eye.


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