Adenium flower

I know many of you think I’m a rising star in the hopelessly crowded field of wannabe writers, mostly because you’ve been inured to the suggestion by my constant I’m-an-unrecognized-genius refrain.

And yet the proof is in the proverbial pudding (and oh how I love crème brûlée), as the folks at, through some clerical error, are publishing a story of mine. But now that I think of it, can being a New York Times Best Seller be far behind? 101 words today, 100,001 tomorrow. It’s a mathematical certainty (for the genius-in-waiting).

Just so you know, it’s a story told (lavishly) in 101 words. Impossible? Practically, given my average sentence is longer than a stretch limousine.

Please leave your comment on ‘Double’ at 101word because it’s the right thing to do.

But more importantly, you are supporting the folks at 101 who are in turn supporting writers (some of whom are potentially geniuses, but I repeat myself).

And while you’re there, read a few stories, heck sign up!

The story is called Double and you can find it here:

Prospero Dae

(Pictured on top is the vainglorious Adenium obesum, with doppelgänger.)


  1. Actually it goes: ” the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” I went. And tasted some. Very lovely. Fun.

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    • Oh Cynthia!, I know, but I was using the bastardized modern version, which seemed more bombastic and unchained and the product of a deluded mind. But, gastronomically speaking, I was debating with myself (which happens frequently and is the main reason I sojourn at Sun Haven from time to time) whether crème brûlée is technically a pudding. It’s more of a custard. A modern custard. And so, epicurean proverbs and epicurean desserts meet in the maelstrom of modern usage.

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      • Indeed. That nearly ethereal custard, though of similar shape on the plate, is a far cry from the single serving hockey puck the English call Black Pudding.

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      • I think the French (fantastically frivolous) have the right idea: blood pudding, a culinary atrocity–the English will never be able to live this black heinousness down. I’d rather slather ambergris on toast and call it breakfast.

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  2. Congratulations Prospero – very cool and nice nod of accomplishment. I’m headed over to check it out and the others. Time for you to celebrate ~

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    • A generous serving of crème brûlée?

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      • And, did I forget to say that I love Creme Brulee?


      • I’ll save some for you…

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      • 🙂


  3. Many congratulations, Prospero! You can now eat a few extra crème brûlée by way of celebration. Definitely a New York Best Seller before the summer’s out! I’ll pop over and have a read now…


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