Row, row, row your boat…


I stole the vamp from a Triumvirat album and incorporated [butchered] the classic ditty–in a minor key, of course.




  1. Beautiful!

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    • Prog rock and row….. the ditty is lovely in a minor key, too. I thoroughly enjoyed this…though it was way too short.

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      • The Rock and Row Hall of Fame. I think you are on to something, dear Cynthia. Very clever indeed.

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  2. So is this the party to “Row, row your boat!!” Am I too late ~ awesome shots by the way


  3. Beautiful images. I was expecting more moody music but certainly it is music to row by…


  4. Smoo-oo-oo-th. Sailing.


    • Of course I didn’t ask this colossus if I could take the picture (even though the ship was reportedly full of lawyers, some with stingers and some without, but mostly, from an entomological perspective, they were too full on those endless midnight buffets to be dangerous or in a litigious mood).

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  5. This is very groovy. Smoooooth as Catherine says. Get you!

    – esme enjoying the classic ditty upon the Cloud

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