Adenium flower

The staff, a ragtag bunch of closet fascists, at the Alliance of the Blessed Flower (a sanatorium) took us out for a field trip, and whereas most people, institutionalized or not, would have contemplatively admired the méli-mélo of ankle-high flowers at the arboretum, we crushed them mercilessly with our mud splattered boots. The Spaniards in charge of the flower squelchers were armed to the teeth–half of them expecting the blue-eyed among us to make a break for it and the other half just wanting to dress in the finery of the Guardia Real. Naturally when a doddering fool chained himself to a fire hydrant, there was consternation. But some of the inmates were acting strangely too.



  1. To be sure, it’s a strange thing to behold, this sudden, senseless stomping of flora by muddy boots, especially in close proximity to closet fascists armed and wearing plume bedezined caps. One can only speculate as to what came over these pent-up denizens of the Alliance of the Blessed Flower. Perhaps they had been forced once too often to hear of the magnificence of Bach ( the quack, not the
    fugue-ist). Maybe they wanted no more of treatment via blessed flower essences, and so now they were taking it out on the flowers themselves, méli-mélo, but especially the mimulus which, the more they stomped, the more they could smell, and which had, drop by homeopathic drop, and now most ironically, cured them of their fears.


  2. Whole worlds are ankle high or less – it all depends on your perspective. It’s sad to think of how much life I must have inadvertently squashed innocently walking thru my days.


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