Fear, photography, magicians


Shadows are parasitic jokesters and are, in fine, always more frightening than their smartly dressed hosts. Look carefully. Were you wowed by the sparkling rhinestones? My assumption here is that most objects that throw shadows are vainglorious, violet-loving entities, and that may not be strictly correct. Still, it’s my page and I reserve the right to divide strands of truth as a prism divides light. But even you, dear reader, can see that shadows that do not match their benevolent masters are truly frightening.

My solution to recurrent shadow-induced nightmares is to widen the frame, for fear is always the result of a narrow context. Photographers are like magicians as they have the ability to alter the framing. A narrow framing tells a mere fraction of the story, and this legerdemain often suits their collective purposes. And even the landscape photographer, with a hyperbolically wide lens, may only be telling a part of the story, for what lens encompasses 360 degrees, what human has eight eyes? But what about the landscape magician? Ah, the frame isn’t wide enough for this tawdry mountain range—he backs on to the moon to get a fuller perspective. And if that isn’t wide enough, he moves to Jupiter and reframes. Still not true enough? He changes galaxy.



  1. Awesome picture. Shadows make interesting stories 🙂


  2. Do we really need to back up, or do we just need back lighting? Can we foil the shadow with the magic of aluminum foil?

    Ahh..shadows…can’t live with them, can’t live without them.


  3. Violet-loving as perjorative! From shadows to photography to a new galaxy. Quite a ride in two paragraphs!


  4. Fabulous development of a mere shadow. Oh how I enjoyed the experience and journey of a mere sliver of a shadow and scene, to the evolving and growing view all the way to the galaxy.


  5. Fascinating perspective, and was worth a second read to really delve deeper into its meaning.
    Nicely done. 🙂


  6. At first glance, the image reminded me of an old play or movie, something like Nosferatu with those big, dramatic shadows, only less threatening, of course. So, was delighted when I read your entertaining/enlightening text. Oh, and as a landscape photographer, it is so true — I can Never stand back far enough!


  7. j aimerais changer de galaxie pour photographier (avec mes yeux de près et de loin toutes les ombres !


  8. I love that shadows are “parasitic jokesters”:) I’ll never see them the same way again!


  9. Mary says it all – what a diverse journey you have taken us on.


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