The Creature

Papillon Dog


The creature (don’t be fooled by the cheery exterior) is secretly mourning the death of Peter O’Toole. Why is that? Because she urgently wants to go to the beach, which is oh-so similar to the Sahara Lawrence of Arabia so admired—or detested, or was it simply that T. E. Lawrence had divided loyalties or uncertain proclivities, all having little to do with undulating deserts and Egyptian actors which have a natural gift for wrapping themselves in once thought unphotographable mirages)–or even more benignly simple, was it the case of a film director (or editor, God only knows what happens in darkened rooms!) desperately wanting to use a match cut of a flame and the torrid desert sun? No matter. And she really does have a ‘no-prisoners’ attitude to getting someone (me) to take her for long and at times circuitous ambulations on bone-white sand, warm to the touch and garnished as though by a cherub’s hand with bits of seaweed, which has a habit, despite extraordinary caprioles, of ending up glued to her feathery tail, and it’s plain to most that she is oblivious to the hanger-ons, the way one tends to blot out pesky peddlers and vintage vagabonds near noisy bus stations.



  1. Clever, love the imagery. She’s also a cutey 😉


  2. Fortunately for the large mutt who owns me–though not the most blessed state of affairs for me–we recently moved from seashore to mountains….fortunate for her because she could never abide sand between her toes, and found incoming ocean waves personally insulting.


    • Ariel becalms the sea (or roughs it up, depending on the job). What’s her stance toward incoming waves? Take no prisoners!

      Sand lodged between her toes? A mere trifle.


  3. Ariel (of Arabia) is a beauty! And she does look like an insurrectionist!


    • Ariel of Arabia. Brilliant. i hadn’t thought of that–i know, unthinkable for someone who has demonstrated a predilection for alliterative constructions!


  4. Wow what a description Prospero – took a bit but I got through it and had a nice chuckle. Ariel is quite the star, albeit spoiled I’d expect. This is about the most gorgeous photograph I’ve seen of her yet. Why don’t you keep these beautiful photos coming? All the best to you in your warm climate ~


  5. Ariel is quite articulate, and persuasive;)


  6. ariel has a wonderful haircut, like a star indeed


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