She cupped her hand and, with brimful eyes fixed to a narrow glowing point, explained that it contained the world.




  1. And here, within one sentence, is an entire story.


  2. How intoxicating.


  3. Well now, this is a most stunning vision and gets even better with a brilliant introduction. Ariel’s Prospero this is your best work yet with images. It’s delicious and intoxicating, from the angle, to the focused flower (type?) and blurring the background.

    Congratulations – through your eyes we see the vision.


    • I do have one question w/re to this photograph, did you feel an “Endorphin Rush” at any time during the process of either taking the image or developing it? When you knew, “this was it”, was there something present that you could feel?


      • But in truth, and isn’t it strange how these eternal truths have an orange gloss, a magician’s alchemy is but one long endorphin rush after the next, with only minor (and with this he conjures up the image of a rippleless mountain lake ) peaks and valleys.


  4. and my soul contains the world, when i am contemplating this pure beauty, this miracle…


  5. I’m intrigued!


  6. beautiful yellow sunny warmth and words and hands, I hope


  7. There is something about the delicately rippled edge curling back into itself in the first flower of the foreground that fills me with joy and tenderness towards life…


  8. You present us with intrigue and beauty in a minimalistic way.


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