Imaginary life.




  1. floating, in a soothing dream…


  2. Should we consider how the warm bath of sunlight masks the secret life inside? And who is it that walks the long dark halls wondering what life is like outside the imprisoned walls – can it be a place they want to go?

    So many questions ~


    • The abluent effect of a warm bath on the languid tendencies of the imagination…

      [extended title]

      And the photo has half an mind to declare itself a painting (the chameleon state).


  3. It’s like the cover of a book. I wonder about what is written inside…
    Could you turn the page…?


  4. Just a simple answer here. I can only imagine what you had conjured in your mind when you truned this photo into an abstract of something to dwell on all day if one wished.


  5. Such mystery…


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