I look out of the window and see a city whose giant tentacles in equal measure smother the unbridled and the unfit.



  1. The setting is fantastic. I like the perspective too.


  2. Keeping things in check. : )


  3. Beautiful and an imposing photo of what appears to be a yucca or an agave. Really can’t say for sure. I know plants fairly well but yucca and agave are difficult for me to distinguish between the two.

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    • And since we are rounding up the usual suspects, we should not forget the common aloe (hint: it’s neither an agave nor a yucca). But so much goes on in the shady, pseudo film noir world of Casablanca…

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  4. Perfect description that fits the photograph so well. Spot-on position and angle of the “unknown plant” to peek the viewer’s interest.


    • Thanks for the heads up, Mary. I had to pry open the spam tin in order to find this…darned internet craziness–can’t live with it, can’t live without it (well, there is some debate about that, but that’s a horse of a different color).


  5. nice interpretation of this picture! artistic eye


  6. Wonderful photo.


  7. Yes! The plant certainly does appear as tentacles. The high contrast play of light and shadow created by the backlighting, the out of focus “watery” background highlights this, as well as dramatizing the little spikes. I will look at these plants anew in the future. That is the brilliance of this sharing.

    PS: I am still laughing (out loud) about the phrase “maniacal caretaker.”


  8. i am lost, i thought it was an agave as well (the truth, that she is trying to hide with this little confession, is that she is lost under those waters, bound by those azurean hues and mesmerized by the darker menaces which glimmer here and there).


  9. Enter the Kraken . . . !

    – esme weaving her way through the army of arms upon the Cloud

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