These are the socks i’m trying to knit for my master. He will be so surprised. Hopefully they’ll be done by next December.

Knitting Lesson from Duke of Milan on Vimeo.

Music by Prospero.
Socks by Ariel (eventually).



  1. That is too “darn” cute. I love the video. Ariel was too busy to even care about the camera.

    Prospero, just one thing to be careful about. Please be certain that she is not swallowing any string. If she does, the string can become entangled around an intestine and that is a very dangerous thing. I hope that I have not put a damper on her entertainment. I merely want to make sure that she is safe. But I believe that you are 99-9% watching her like a hawk. She actually acts as if she is teething which is not the case. Is there another toy that she coud chew on that she would like almost as much? And is the yarn wool by any chance?

    If the yarn is wool then she is a “wool sucker” and that is not good.



    • Thank you for your concern, Yvonne. While immortalizing Ariel’s zeal for knitting, I may have given the impression that she knits all day long. As you can see, the video is made up of several shots. This is because she is never on one thing for more than a few seconds at a time (having ADHD has is benefits). She also has many toys (she doesn’t only knit!) and is supervised at all times. But I thank you for speaking up. I know you deeply care about animals and want to leave no stone unturned where safety may be an issue.


      • Thanks for the reply Prospero. I was afraid that I might be out of bounds with my comment but I appreciate that you appreciated my concern. Ariel is such a cutie. How do you get anything done with a little dog like that around. You have a toy that is a toy.


  2. Music by Prospero.
    Socks by Ariel (eventually).

    ooooh i am still laughing, so don’t expect any reasonable comment from me now (as if he had ever expected such a thing from her 🙂


    • But it’s reasonable to expect that Ariel will find something she’s good at, something useful–opening those devilish and impenetrable plastic sleeves that camera accessories come in, for instance. She tries so hard to please her master.


  3. Ah Ariel’s Prospero she is working so hard. It seems that Ariel has a real strategy – “just get it done!” So much fun seeing a little part of her exciting life – pure entertainment!

    Happy New Year to you and Ariel! Mary


    • Happy New Year, Mary.


  4. She’s truly adorable.


    • and so versatile.


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