dasher and prancer and comet


Ariel is practicing for her role as Prancer in this year’s production of “I’m Not a Reindeer,” written and directed by a famous, frequently frostbitten, Scandinavian author.

p.s. notice the tail–what wonderful plumage!


  1. Propero, Ariel just seems on the verge of becoming a great star- one that outshines the christmas tree. Her long coat, feathery like tail and the long hair that tips her ears are the features that make her gorgeous. An oh so lovely little 4 pounder that exudes mischief.



    • But I enjoy the mischief, and the tiny teeth, and the ‘big dog’ attitude (they don’t know they’re pocket-sized)…but the tail and the ears make this dog unlike any other.


      • I imagine that Ariel entertains you more than what money could ever buy. I am glad that she is giving you such good company and amusement.


  2. Ariel is adorable with those colors and furry coat. I just admire the way you carry us along with her life. If I may ask…have you thought of compiling her adventures into book or something similar?


    • Ariel, like Helen, is the face that launch’d a thousand ships and is therefore not so much the subject as the inspiration.


  3. now that is a great idea, Ariel’s Adventures! and (as i can’t boast with modesty), i will add to that: not only a book, but an accompanying film as well!

    (she is too pretty! but is that SNOW? i know it can’t be, i must be suffering from an optical illusion conjured up by the magician, so i must address this mystery)


    • Ariel’s Adventures (you must have known that i’d love the alliterative title)…

      Snow, heck no–more like something out of a Sokurov film.


  4. The best “not a reindeer” I’ve ever seen!


    • Yes, but she is not so go at “I am not a Clown” or “I am not a Precious Pixie.”


  5. It is so obvious, you love the little one! It shows in your writings, ah Ariel’s Adventures – lights, camera and action! She is the star of her own Broadway! Mary


    • Yes, I adore her… and it seems fairly certain that the feeling is mutual. (Don’t give her any ideas about Broadway–this kind of thing could go straight to her head.)


  6. She is the cutest, most fluffiest little bundle of joy! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such luxuriance of white! The two of you have all ready given one another a most precious gift. And speaking of precious gifts (how do you like that segue), I wish for you and your little princess a Wonderful and Merry Christmas! It is sheer joy and a privilege to share in a part of your lives. I love how you cultivate beauty…


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