Ariel’s new hobby

The topic of a suitable recreational activity came up, and I suggested scrapbooking, becoming a bibliophile, taking up the ancient Phoenician art of glassblowing, and, in a moment of tingly madness, spelunking. But my main advice to owners of overenthusiastic dogs is simple: never speak the words ‘bungee jumping’ as dogs tend to feel, at some quantum level, the magnificent possibilities of this anserine activity, thus making short shrift of your feckless attempts at facetiousness. I’m also noticing that excitable dogs are particularly insensitive to any form of hyperbole–if a thing can be fathomed (even remotely), it can excite.


Ariel, indulging in bibliophilia, her newest pastime, is seen with Ariadne’s ball of thread. The minotaur (thankfully absent, but played to a tee by my neighbor’s burly dog) must be slain (so much violence in these tales!), and the thread that took Theseus to the center of the labyrinth must presently lead him out. These mythological stories, however eccentric, are preferable, even when taking into account their numerous faults, to jumping off mountain tops while tethered to some sketchy umbilic support.



  1. aww very cute!


  2. Prospero,

    Ariel is too cute even though she is proving to be a handful. I suspect that she never had a chance to play very much but I could be wrong about that. She sounds like a cat on ritalin if she truly is getting into all sorts of mischief. The poor dear. Is she a tad spoiled. No, I don’t think that is possible. (smile)


  3. Cute pics. In a way, Ariel reminds of my dog.


  4. Ariel is way too cute!


  5. ah, Ariadne makes her overwhelming return 🙂 you are really fascinated with this myth, aren’t you?
    helas, if only my students could be made to embrace the wisdom of that last sentence!


    • Your students are most likely cleverer than i, but then again probably not nearly as obsessed–i know it’s a small point, a small victory of sorts, but it’s my only recourse.


  6. 🙂


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