Then a farmer with a griseous beard, fashionably grayed by successive crop failures, leaned against a gunny sack, looked askance at the busy market goers, and fell into an expressionless reverie, whereupon he visited his landlord, a wispy eidolon with a musty temper, and extolled the extraordinary value his livery cycle would bring to any barter.



  1. This is the beauty of constructing a story in one sentence. Interestingly, the story reminds me of an old man just across my street. Good job, Prospero.


    • They say a picture is worth a thousand words; any text is therefore superfluous–but I do not subscribe to this view (and neither do you, I expect, for you are also a man of words). Is a color, the garnet red of a sunset, for instance, more powerful than a harmonic cadence? They are different. That is all.

      But my purpose, in this instance, was to echo in words the narrative of the picture, which seemed akin to a cartoon strip bubble, the pale square on the upper left being the gateway to the character’s inner thoughts and daydreams.


      • O sure, my bad. I absolutely agree with you. The picture says it and a lot more πŸ™‚ Guess I was carried away by the beauty of your writing.


  2. I like this portrait a lot. It is revealing of the desperation of a life that is doomed from the beginning for the very poor islanders. No education and no way out. I can only hope that where you live the natives are not as poor as those on other islands. You should do more of these. Very nice capture.


    • No place, not even this benignant paradise, is immune from harsh economic realities.


  3. Wonderful shot…very arresting.


  4. indeed, i think you should do more of such topics too, it is so rare that you include human subjects in your photos, yet when you do, the images are always very strong and special. i hadn’t thought of a cartoon strip here, but of a still from a film (quite naturally, i hear you say πŸ™‚ and with the bit of narration you offered, my imagination started to unfold…


  5. Members of the Hominidae family are a rare find in the light-dappled understory that so characterizes my best gardening spots. Cinematically, shade gardens enthrall and are best coupled with Beethoven’s sixth symphony (a non-diegetic addition, stirring her imagination further).


  6. I feel his sagging shoulders as he looks with his tired eyes, wondering what must he do to master the attention he so desperately needs to live but another humble and proud day.


    • A mask of worry.


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