Le langage des fleurs et des choses muettes



  1. Bright and bold colors. So pretty. Something is not right with my computer. My typed words are very light. I can barely see them. Don’t know if you willl be able to read my comment. Is this a flower that growing in your garden?


  2. Yvonne, this is the common (and edible–great in salads) nasturtium… i have too many in my garden!


    • How wonderful. I have nver grown them although I think these will grwo in my area, My computer is all messed up in WordPress. I must see what I can do about it.. I van barely see what I have typed.


  3. I really love what you do by isolating a single flower on those ultra blurry backgrounds. It elevates the subject, and quite properly so, to portrait status, with its own unique personality, attitude and statement.


  4. Oh, it’s the background i liked.. the flower being incidental (well, it never really starts off like that, and i suppose every pictures needs a ‘raison d’être’–but disregarding a subject’s quiddity and self-importance is the prerogative of the gauzy photographer.

    Naturally, my comment is even blurrier than the backgroud!


  5. you know, i think, why i haven’t been able to utter any words here until now, with my nasturtium-broken heart :-(((
    but i am certainly perfectly able to be happy for the luck of others, without too much envy 🙂
    (i think :-P)

    (just teasing just teasing)


    • Luck! You mean skill, don’t you.

      Just teasing…
      (i think)


  6. Very bold and striking, the background blues give it a wonderful hue – wish I had some of those nasturtiums in my backyard but all I have is the odd potted plant – easier to tend to but endlessly dull, not really a good trade off at all!


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