The warm, buttery air…


The warm, buttery air; the sky made of aventurine; the farrago of oleander and hibiscus; the rollicking yellow of a kiskadee, as raucous as its song; the grand costumery of a field of blossoming but wayward weeds–all these waves of color lashed my senses, and, unable to stand the now formidable sun, I sought the scarlet shade of a royal poinciana tree, whereupon an anole, resting on a severed black bole, flashed its orange-gold dewlap and bobbed in a curious staccato.



  1. Stunning photography – congratulations for capturing this beauty.


  2. It’s sometimes hard to capture beauty with words. But you gift us with the visual and the written at the same time. One needs to be soaked in posts like this to value nature.


  3. Beautiful!


  4. This is beautiful. I have not previously seen a flower edited in this manner. It appears as a spinning top or a merry-go-round. Your words cause one to imagine the fragrant air.


  5. I love the motion! Usually we see flowers bending or swaying, but this is positively spinning! And I learned 2 new and beautiful words — aventurine and farrago. You are an enigma…


  6. i am blinded by this image so the words will have to wait – i am destroyed, it is so beautiful, it is not a flower, it is a sun, it is the heart of the universe…


  7. Glorious delicious words!


  8. So much colour and motion in such a few words – it is a joy to sit back and take my time to appreciate pieces like this, beautiful, moving. I can feel the words doing nice things to my brain, filling it with warm, buttery air and bobbing along with the ending – I’m with Uzoma on this one, to soak in these kind of posts is nirvanic bliss.


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