Max Anthony Sphere Is My Brother — Part 3

At work John was distracted, and precisely when he tried to imagine Giselle’s reaction to the reshuffling of events, his recalcitrant mien was goaded into acquiring an indecent, almost ghostly pallor, and his one-dimensional thinking, allowing for up-down trajectories on a single plane (which is to say, taking chumps with leaden briefcases and sallow complexions to vertiginous heights and back down again), while  shunning, for instance, the arcana of idolatry, was on display like a hueless diamond in some impenetrable encasement.

The short stories have been moved to a password protected page.



  1. Wow!!! I wondered when you would post the next episode of
    “Max is my Brother?” I really do not want to admit this- but I must resort to the dictionary and you have caused me to “stretch” my little old brain some. Great command of word usage in this installment.


    • Thanks Yvonne. I really appreciate that fact that you take the time to read my stories.


  2. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’… just a shout out to express how awesome your blog is. Details are here if you’re interested:


    • Thanks for the nomination, Uzo.

      I continue to be intrigued by your prose and hope to read more.


      • It’s nice to come across your prose and writings in general. Your use of words is quite amazing and admirable.


  3. I’m so glad you’ve continued with this story! It’s an experience in words as much as a story. I don’t know how else to put it. I’m humbled by how accomplished you are in various artistic forms. I can’t wait to meet the brother (and am a little nervous to do so); and to experience more words, rhythms, perspectives, and phrasing.


    • i hope that you will be returning to your blog soon. ‘Trajectory of a Sunset’ is sublime. Painterly are the textures, and the otherworldly blue shades are arresting.

      Anyone reading this should to go to:

      And speaking of having multiple talents… i could easily say the same for you! (though in my case it is nothing more than a benign chimera)


  4. I didn’t realize that you wrote as well – I’m going back to catchup what I missed. I’m very intrigued, wondering what I missed.


  5. My two cents… there are a lot of ‘expensive’ words in the story. I’m an avid reader and have a fairly extensive vocab but I’d need the dictionary for many of the words here. Not my own wisdom though; I’ve read this advice in several ‘how to write’ posts and books. If you’re interested in picking up tips on writing, I can recommend Writing Fiction by the Gotham Writers’ Workshop. And if not, dismiss it. 😉


    • Thanks for your input. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to read some of my fiction (very pleased, actually). I have ‘Writing Fiction by the Gotham Writers’ Workshop,’ and it seems that I must have skimmed over some bits…


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