Their shy faces, abacinated by wonder.



  1. Such a delicate pink with the flower head against a dark background. The ray of light that is high lighted on the top and the bottom appears appears to compliment the colors of the blossom. Nice work.


  2. My comment to you is not relevent to your post. However, I wanted to ensure that you receive my note. I “looked up” Turid Rugaas in Google. Very interesting. I would certainly give one of her books a whirl if I had a problem dog. Luckily for me, I have not had a dog- yet, that I could not handle. That is not to say that all my dogs have been perfect. But, they have been perfect for me and I have never expected perfection from any dog. Almost all of my dogs have one quirk or another but the behavior is not something that I can not work with or around. Thank you for letting me know about this dog behavior expert. I believe she has good ideas from what I have read thus far.



    • The study of calming signals is not undertaken to correct behavior problems. Calming signals are studied to better understand canine language. Dogs offer calming signals to other dogs all the time. They are used, for instance, when one dog wants to say to another that it poses no threat. If a dog is a little too agitated, another dog may turn its head away. This calming signal diffuses the situation. I’ve answered more fully on your blog.


  3. What a perfect photo shot of pink with the flower head against a dark background. I liked other photos as well.


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